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The Morning Show


Tune in every weekday morning for an exciting show mixed with politics, sports, headline news and pressing community issues on the “OMAN PAPA/ GOOD CITIZEN” Friday edition of the Morning Show.

Mid Morning Affair
Mid-Morning Affair- WEEKDAYS 10 AM – 12 PM 

Request Corner -SUNDAYS 3 PM – 6PM

Serving up a variety of music (local and foreign) on this daily weekday show. You can also tune in on Saturdays we take in your musical request.

Armstrong Kusi Obuodum – Stone
Sports Center


Catch Armstrong a.k.a Stone along with his in-studio panel members as he delivers you up to date sporting news from Ghana and around the world.

Drive Time- WEEKDAYS 3:30 PM – 8PM

Infotainment- SATURDAYS 3 PM – 6 PM

Relax and take in the good music as The Perfect Gentleman guides you home from work on Drive Time. You can also tune in on Sundays for “Infotainment” where he dishes out the latest entertainment news and interviews local celebrities. Dont miss out!

Morning Devotion
Morning Devotion (Gospel)- WEEKDAYS 3 AM –  4:30 AM

Praise Show – SUNDAYS 9 AM – 12:00 PM

Sunday’s Praise Show features a live musical worship segment by in-studio guest.